Trait std::ops::Not

#[lang = "not"]
pub trait Not {
    type Output;
    fn not(self) -> Self::Output;

The unary logical negation operator !.


An implementation of Not for Answer, which enables the use of ! to invert its value.

use std::ops::Not;

#[derive(Debug, PartialEq)]
enum Answer {

impl Not for Answer {
    type Output = Answer;

    fn not(self) -> Answer {
        match self {
            Answer::Yes => Answer::No,
            Answer::No => Answer::Yes

assert_eq!(!Answer::Yes, Answer::No);
assert_eq!(!Answer::No, Answer::Yes);

Associated Types

The resulting type after applying the ! operator.

Required Methods

Performs the unary ! operation.


impl Not for bool [src]

impl Not for i128 [src]

impl Not for i16 [src]

impl Not for i32 [src]

impl Not for i64 [src]

impl Not for i8 [src]

impl Not for isize [src]

impl Not for u128 [src]

impl Not for u16 [src]

impl Not for u32 [src]

impl Not for u64 [src]

impl Not for u8 [src]

impl Not for usize [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<i128> [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<i16> [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<i32> [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<i64> [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<i8> [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<isize> [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<u128> [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<u16> [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<u32> [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<u64> [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<u8> [src]

impl Not for Wrapping<usize> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a bool [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a i128 [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a i16 [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a i32 [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a i64 [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a i8 [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a isize [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a u128 [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a u16 [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a u32 [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a u64 [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a u8 [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a usize [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<i128> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<i16> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<i32> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<i64> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<i8> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<isize> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<u128> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<u16> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<u32> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<u64> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<u8> [src]

impl<'a> Not for &'a Wrapping<usize> [src]

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