Module std::os::unix

This is supported on Unix only.

Platform-specific extensions to std for Unix platforms.

Provides access to platform-level information on Unix platforms, and exposes Unix-specific functions that would otherwise be inappropriate as part of the core std library.

It exposes more ways to deal with platform-specific strings (OsStr, OsString), allows to set permissions more granularly, extract low-level file descriptors from files and sockets, and has platform-specific helpers for spawning processes.


use std::fs::File;
use std::os::unix::prelude::*;

fn main() {
    let f = File::create("foo.txt").unwrap();
    let fd = f.as_raw_fd();

    // use fd with native unix bindings


ffi Unix

Unix-specific extension to the primitives in the std::ffi module

fs Unix

Unix-specific extensions to primitives in the std::fs module.

io Unix

Unix-specific extensions to general I/O primitives

net Unix

Unix-specific networking functionality

prelude Unix

A prelude for conveniently writing platform-specific code.

process Unix

Unix-specific extensions to primitives in the std::process module.

raw DeprecatedUnix

Unix-specific primitives available on all unix platforms

thread Unix

Unix-specific extensions to primitives in the std::thread module.

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