Trait std::os::unix::io::FromRawFd

pub trait FromRawFd {
    unsafe fn from_raw_fd(fd: RawFd) -> Self;
This is supported on Unix only.

A trait to express the ability to construct an object from a raw file descriptor.

Required methods

unsafe fn from_raw_fd(fd: RawFd) -> Self

This is supported on Unix only.

Constructs a new instance of Self from the given raw file descriptor.

This function consumes ownership of the specified file descriptor. The returned object will take responsibility for closing it when the object goes out of scope.

This function is also unsafe as the primitives currently returned have the contract that they are the sole owner of the file descriptor they are wrapping. Usage of this function could accidentally allow violating this contract which can cause memory unsafety in code that relies on it being true.

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impl FromRawFd for File[src]

ⓘImportant traits for File
impl Read for File
impl<'_> Read for &'_ File
impl Write for File
impl<'_> Write for &'_ File

impl FromRawFd for TcpListener[src]

impl FromRawFd for TcpStream[src]

ⓘImportant traits for TcpStream
impl Read for TcpStream
impl<'_> Read for &'_ TcpStream
impl Write for TcpStream
impl<'_> Write for &'_ TcpStream

impl FromRawFd for UdpSocket[src]

impl FromRawFd for UnixDatagram[src]

impl FromRawFd for UnixListener[src]

impl FromRawFd for UnixStream[src]

ⓘImportant traits for UnixStream
impl Read for UnixStream
impl<'a> Read for &'a UnixStream
impl Write for UnixStream
impl<'a> Write for &'a UnixStream

impl FromRawFd for Stdio[src]

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