Module std::os::unix::raw

👎 Deprecated since 1.8.0: these type aliases are no longer supported by the standard library, the libc crate on crates.io should be used instead for the correct definitions This is supported on Unix only.

Unix-specific primitives available on all unix platforms

Type Definitions

blkcnt_t DeprecatedUnix
blksize_t DeprecatedUnix
dev_t DeprecatedUnix
gid_t DeprecatedUnix
ino_t DeprecatedUnix
mode_t DeprecatedUnix
nlink_t DeprecatedUnix
off_t DeprecatedUnix
pid_t DeprecatedUnix
pthread_t DeprecatedUnix
time_t DeprecatedUnix
uid_t DeprecatedUnix

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