Trait std::os::unix::thread::JoinHandleExt

pub trait JoinHandleExt {
    fn as_pthread_t(&self) -> RawPthread;
    fn into_pthread_t(self) -> RawPthread;
This is supported on Unix only.

Unix-specific extensions to thread::JoinHandle.

Required methods

fn as_pthread_t(&self) -> RawPthread

This is supported on Unix only.

Extracts the raw pthread_t without taking ownership

fn into_pthread_t(self) -> RawPthread

This is supported on Unix only.

Consumes the thread, returning the raw pthread_t

This function transfers ownership of the underlying pthread_t to the caller. Callers are then the unique owners of the pthread_t and must either detach or join the pthread_t once it's no longer needed.

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impl<T> JoinHandleExt for JoinHandle<T>[src]

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