Manage users with the pw command


If you feel that Salt should be using this module to manage users on a minion, and it is using a different module (or gives an error similar to 'user.info' is not available), see here.

salt.modules.pw_user.add(name, uid=None, gid=None, groups=None, home=None, shell=None, unique=True, fullname='', roomnumber='', workphone='', homephone='', createhome=True, loginclass=None, **kwargs)

Add a user to the minion

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.add name <uid> <gid> <groups> <home> <shell>

salt.modules.pw_user.chfullname(name, fullname)

Change the user's Full Name

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.chfullname foo "Foo Bar"

salt.modules.pw_user.chgid(name, gid)

Change the default group of the user

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.chgid foo 4376

salt.modules.pw_user.chgroups(name, groups, append=False)

Change the groups to which a user belongs

Username to modify
List of groups to set for the user. Can be passed as a comma-separated list or a Python list.
append : False
Set to True to append these groups to the user's existing list of groups. Otherwise, the specified groups will replace any existing groups for the user.

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.chgroups foo wheel,root True

salt.modules.pw_user.chhome(name, home, persist=False)

Set a new home directory for an existing user

Username to modify
New home directory to set
persist : False
Set to True to prevent configuration files in the new home directory from being overwritten by the files from the skeleton directory.

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.chhome foo /home/users/foo True

salt.modules.pw_user.chhomephone(name, homephone)

Change the user's Home Phone

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.chhomephone foo "7735551234"

salt.modules.pw_user.chloginclass(name, loginclass, root=None)

Change the default login class of the user

New in version 2016.3.5.

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.chloginclass foo staff

salt.modules.pw_user.chroomnumber(name, roomnumber)

Change the user's Room Number

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.chroomnumber foo 123

salt.modules.pw_user.chshell(name, shell)

Change the default shell of the user

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.chshell foo /bin/zsh

salt.modules.pw_user.chuid(name, uid)

Change the uid for a named user

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.chuid foo 4376

salt.modules.pw_user.chworkphone(name, workphone)

Change the user's Work Phone

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.chworkphone foo "7735550123"

salt.modules.pw_user.delete(name, remove=False, force=False)

Remove a user from the minion

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.delete name remove=True force=True


Get the login class of the user

New in version 2016.3.0.

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.get_loginclass foo


Return the list of all info for all users

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.getent


Return user information

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.info root


Return a list of groups the named user belongs to

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.list_groups foo


Return a list of all users

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.list_users

salt.modules.pw_user.rename(name, new_name)

Change the username for a named user

CLI Example:

salt '*' user.rename name new_name

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