Support for rpm

salt.modules.rpm_lowpkg.bin_pkg_info(path, saltenv='base')

New in version 2015.8.0.

Parses RPM metadata and returns a dictionary of information about the package (name, version, etc.).

Path to the file. Can either be an absolute path to a file on the minion, or a salt fileserver URL (e.g. salt://path/to/file.rpm). If a salt fileserver URL is passed, the file will be cached to the minion so that it can be examined.
saltenv : base
Salt fileserver envrionment from which to retrieve the package. Ignored if path is a local file path on the minion.

CLI Example:

salt '*' lowpkg.bin_pkg_info /root/salt-2015.5.1-2.el7.noarch.rpm
salt '*' lowpkg.bin_pkg_info salt://salt-2015.5.1-2.el7.noarch.rpm


Return if the signature of a RPM file is valid.

CLI Example:

salt '*' lowpkg.checksum /path/to/package1.rpm
salt '*' lowpkg.checksum /path/to/package1.rpm /path/to/package2.rpm

salt.modules.rpm_lowpkg.diff(package_path, path)

Return a formatted diff between current file and original in a package. NOTE: this function includes all files (configuration and not), but does not work on binary content.

  • package -- Full pack of the RPM file
  • path -- Full path to the installed file

Difference or empty string. For binary files only a notification.

CLI example:

salt '*' lowpkg.diff /path/to/apache2.rpm /etc/apache2/httpd.conf


List the files that belong to a package, sorted by group. Not specifying any packages will return a list of _every_ file on the system's rpm database (not generally recommended).

CLI Examples:

salt '*' lowpkg.file_dict httpd
salt '*' lowpkg.file_dict httpd postfix
salt '*' lowpkg.file_dict


List the files that belong to a package. Not specifying any packages will return a list of _every_ file on the system's rpm database (not generally recommended).

CLI Examples:

salt '*' lowpkg.file_list httpd
salt '*' lowpkg.file_list httpd postfix
salt '*' lowpkg.file_list

salt.modules.rpm_lowpkg.info(*packages, **kwargs)

Return a detailed package(s) summary information. If no packages specified, all packages will be returned.

  • packages --
  • attr --

    Comma-separated package attributes. If no 'attr' is specified, all available attributes returned.

    Valid attributes are:
    version, vendor, release, build_date, build_date_time_t, install_date, install_date_time_t, build_host, group, source_rpm, arch, epoch, size, license, signature, packager, url, summary, description.
  • all_versions -- Return information for all installed versions of the packages

CLI example:

salt '*' lowpkg.info apache2 bash
salt '*' lowpkg.info apache2 bash attr=version
salt '*' lowpkg.info apache2 bash attr=version,build_date_iso,size
salt '*' lowpkg.info apache2 bash attr=version,build_date_iso,size all_versions=True


List the packages currently installed in a dict:

{'<package_name>': '<version>'}

CLI Example:

salt '*' lowpkg.list_pkgs

salt.modules.rpm_lowpkg.modified(*packages, **flags)

List the modified files that belong to a package. Not specifying any packages will return a list of _all_ modified files on the system's RPM database.

New in version 2015.5.0.

CLI examples:

salt '*' lowpkg.modified httpd
salt '*' lowpkg.modified httpd postfix
salt '*' lowpkg.modified


Return the name of the package that owns the file. Multiple file paths can be passed. If a single path is passed, a string will be returned, and if multiple paths are passed, a dictionary of file/package name pairs will be returned.

If the file is not owned by a package, or is not present on the minion, then an empty string will be returned for that path.

CLI Examples:

salt '*' lowpkg.owner /usr/bin/apachectl
salt '*' lowpkg.owner /usr/bin/apachectl /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

salt.modules.rpm_lowpkg.verify(*packages, **kwargs)

Runs an rpm -Va on a system, and returns the results in a dict

Files with an attribute of config, doc, ghost, license or readme in the package header can be ignored using the ignore_types keyword argument

CLI Example:

salt '*' lowpkg.verify
salt '*' lowpkg.verify httpd
salt '*' lowpkg.verify httpd postfix
salt '*' lowpkg.verify httpd postfix ignore_types=['config','doc']

salt.modules.rpm_lowpkg.version_cmp(ver1, ver2, ignore_epoch=False)

New in version 2015.8.9.

Do a cmp-style comparison on two packages. Return -1 if ver1 < ver2, 0 if ver1 == ver2, and 1 if ver1 > ver2. Return None if there was a problem making the comparison.

ignore_epoch : False

Set to True to ignore the epoch when comparing versions

New in version 2015.8.10,2016.3.2.

CLI Example:

salt '*' pkg.version_cmp '0.2-001' ''

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