Vistara Runner

Runner to interact with the Vistara (http://www.vistarait.com/) REST API

codeauthor: Brad Thurber <brad.thurber@gmail.com>

To use this runner, the Vistara client_id and Vistara oauth2 client_key and client_secret must be set in the master config.

For example /etc/salt/master.d/_vistara.conf:

  client_id: client_012345
  client_key: N0tReallyaR3alKeyButShouldB12345
  client_secret: ThisI5AreallyLongsecretKeyIwonderwhyTheyMakethemSoBigTheseDays00

salt.runners.vistara.delete_device(name, safety_on=True)

Deletes a device from Vistara based on DNS name or partial name. By default, delete_device will only perform the delete if a single host is returned. Set safety_on=False to delete all matches (up to default API search page size)

CLI Example:

salt-run vistara.delete_device 'hostname-101.mycompany.com'
salt-run vistara.delete_device 'hostname-101'
salt-run vistara.delete_device 'hostname-1' safety_on=False

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