/Scala 2.12 Reflection

Package scala.reflect.runtime

package runtime

Entry points into runtime reflection. See the overview page for details on how to use them.

Linear Supertypes

Type Members

class JavaUniverse extends internal.SymbolTable with JavaUniverseForce with ReflectSetup with SymbolTable

An implementation of scala.reflect.api.Universe for runtime reflection using JVM classloaders.

Should not be instantiated directly, use scala.reflect.runtime.universe instead.

trait JavaUniverseForce extends AnyRef

Value Members

macro def currentMirror: Mirror

The runtime reflection mirror that corresponds to the current lexical context. It's typically equivalent to universe.runtimeMirror(getClass.getClassLoader) invoked at the call site.

lazy val universe: api.JavaUniverse

The entry point into Scala runtime reflection.

To use Scala runtime reflection, simply use or import scala.reflect.runtime.universe._

See scala.reflect.api.Universe or the Reflection Guide: Universes for more details.

object ReflectionUtils

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