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Package scala.beans

package beans

Type Members

class BeanProperty extends Annotation with StaticAnnotation

When attached to a field, this annotation adds a setter and a getter method following the Java Bean convention. For example:

var status = ""

adds the following methods to the class:

def setStatus(s: String) { this.status = s }
def getStatus: String = this.status

For fields of type Boolean, if you need a getter named isStatus, use the scala.beans.BooleanBeanProperty annotation instead.

@field() @deprecatedInheritance("Scheduled for being final in 2.14", "2.13.0")

class BooleanBeanProperty extends Annotation with StaticAnnotation

This annotation has the same functionality as scala.beans.BeanProperty, but the generated Bean getter will be named isFieldName instead of getFieldName.

@field() @deprecatedInheritance("Scheduled for being final in 2.14", "2.13.0")

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