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Package scala.reflect

package reflect

Linear Supertypes
AnyRef, Any

Package Members

package api


The Scala Reflection API (located in scala-reflect.jar).

In Scala 2.10.0, the Scala Reflection API and its implementation have an "experimental" status. This means that the API and the docs are not complete and can be changed in binary- and source-incompatible manner in 2.10.1. This also means that the implementation has some known issues.

The following types are the backbone of the Scala Reflection API, and serve as a good starting point for information about Scala Reflection:

For more information about Scala Reflection, see the Reflection Guide

package macros


The base package for Scala macros.

Macros are functions that are called by the compiler during compilation. Within these functions the programmer has access to compiler APIs. For example, it is possible to generate, analyze and typecheck code.

See the Macros Guide on how to get started with Scala macros.

package runtime

Entry points into runtime reflection. See the overview page for details on how to use them.

Value Members

def classTag[T](implicit ctag: ClassTag[T]): ClassTag[T]

def ensureAccessible[T <: AccessibleObject](m: T): T

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