SurvfuncRight.simultaneous_cb(alpha=0.05, method='hw', transform='log') [source]

Returns a simultaneous confidence band for the survival function.

  • alpha (float) – 1 - alpha is the desired simultaneous coverage probability for the confidence region. Currently alpha must be set to 0.05, giving 95% simultaneous intervals.
  • method (string) – The method used to produce the simultaneous confidence band. Only the Hall-Wellner (hw) method is currently implemented.
  • transform (string) – The used to produce the interval (note that the returned interval is on the survival probability scale regardless of which transform is used). Only log and arcsin are implemented.
  • lcb (array-like) – The lower confidence limits corresponding to the points in surv_times.
  • ucb (array-like) – The upper confidence limits corresponding to the points in surv_times.

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