classmethod PoissonBayesMixedGLM.from_formula(formula, vc_formulas, data, vcp_p=1, fe_p=2, vcp_names=None, vc_names=None) [source]

Fit a BayesMixedGLM using a formula.

  • formula (string) – Formula for the endog and fixed effects terms (use ~ to separate dependent and independent expressions).
  • vc_formulas (dictionary) – vc_formulas[name] is a one-sided formula that creates one collection of random effects with a common variance prameter. If using a categorical expression to produce variance components, note that generally 0 + … should be used so that an intercept is not included.
  • data (data frame) – The data to which the formulas are applied.
  • family (genmod.families instance) – A GLM family.
  • vcp_p (float) – The prior standard deviation for the logarithms of the standard deviations of the random effects.
  • fe_p (float) – The prior standard deviation for the fixed effects parameters.

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