GEEResults.summary(yname=None, xname=None, title=None, alpha=0.05) [source]

Summarize the GEE regression results

  • yname (string, optional) – Default is y
  • xname (list of strings, optional) – Default is var_## for ## in p the number of regressors
  • title (string, optional) – Title for the top table. If not None, then this replaces the default title
  • alpha (float) – significance level for the confidence intervals
  • cov_type (string) – The covariance type used to compute the standard errors; one of ‘robust’ (the usual robust sandwich-type covariance estimate), ‘naive’ (ignores dependence), and ‘bias reduced’ (the Mancl/DeRouen estimate).

smry – this holds the summary tables and text, which can be printed or converted to various output formats.

Return type:

Summary instance

See also

class to hold summary results

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