MICEData.plot_missing_pattern(ax=None, row_order='pattern', column_order='pattern', hide_complete_rows=False, hide_complete_columns=False, color_row_patterns=True) [source]

Generate an image showing the missing data pattern.

  • ax (matplotlib axes) – Axes on which to draw the plot.
  • row_order (string) – The method for ordering the rows. Must be one of ‘pattern’, ‘proportion’, or ‘raw’.
  • column_order (string) – The method for ordering the columns. Must be one of ‘pattern’, ‘proportion’, or ‘raw’.
  • hide_complete_rows (boolean) – If True, rows with no missing values are not drawn.
  • hide_complete_columns (boolean) – If True, columns with no missing values are not drawn.
  • color_row_patterns (boolean) – If True, color the unique row patterns, otherwise use grey and white as colors.
Return type:

A figure containing a plot of the missing data pattern.

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