MixedLMResults.t_test(r_matrix, scale=None, use_t=None) [source]

Compute a t-test for a each linear hypothesis of the form Rb = q

  • r_matrix (array-like) – If an array is given, a p x k 2d array or length k 1d array specifying the linear restrictions. It is assumed that the linear combination is equal to zero.
  • scale (float, optional) – An optional scale to use. Default is the scale specified by the model fit.
  • use_t (bool, optional) – If use_t is None, then the default of the model is used. If use_t is True, then the p-values are based on the t distribution. If use_t is False, then the p-values are based on the normal distribution.

res – The results for the test are attributes of this results instance. The available results have the same elements as the parameter table in summary().

Return type:

ContrastResults instance

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