TransfTwo_gen.rvs(*args, **kwds)

Random variates of given type.

  • arg2, arg3,.. (arg1,) – The shape parameter(s) for the distribution (see docstring of the instance object for more information).
  • loc (array_like, optional) – Location parameter (default=0).
  • scale (array_like, optional) – Scale parameter (default=1).
  • size (int or tuple of ints, optional) – Defining number of random variates (default is 1).
  • random_state (None or int or np.random.RandomState instance, optional) – If int or RandomState, use it for drawing the random variates. If None, rely on self.random_state. Default is None.

rvs – Random variates of given size.

Return type:

ndarray or scalar

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