class statsmodels.sandbox.stats.multicomp.MultiComparison(data, groups, group_order=None) [source]

Tests for multiple comparisons

  • data (array) – independent data samples
  • groups (array) – group labels corresponding to each data point
  • group_order (list of strings, optional) – the desired order for the group mean results to be reported in. If not specified, results are reported in increasing order. If group_order does not contain all labels that are in groups, then only those observations are kept that have a label in group_order.


allpairtest(testfunc[, alpha, method, pvalidx]) run a pairwise test on all pairs with multiple test correction
getranks() convert data to rankdata and attach
kruskal([pairs, multimethod]) pairwise comparison for kruskal-wallis test
tukeyhsd([alpha]) Tukey’s range test to compare means of all pairs of groups

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