SquareTable.homogeneity(method='stuart_maxwell') [source]

Compare row and column marginal distributions.

  • method (string) – Either ‘stuart_maxwell’ or ‘bhapkar’, leading to two different estimates of the covariance matrix for the estimated difference between the row margins and the column margins.
  • a bunch with attributes (Returns) –
  • statistic (float) – The chi^2 test statistic
  • pvalue (float) – The p-value of the test statistic
  • df (integer) – The degrees of freedom of the reference distribution


For a 2x2 table this is equivalent to McNemar’s test. More generally the procedure tests the null hypothesis that the marginal distribution of the row factor is equal to the marginal distribution of the column factor. For this to be meaningful, the two factors must have the same sample space (i.e. the same categories).

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