FTestAnovaPower.power(effect_size, nobs, alpha, k_groups=2) [source]

Calculate the power of a F-test for one factor ANOVA.

  • effect_size (float) – standardized effect size, mean divided by the standard deviation. effect size has to be positive.
  • nobs (int or float) – sample size, number of observations.
  • alpha (float in interval (0,1)) – significance level, e.g. 0.05, is the probability of a type I error, that is wrong rejections if the Null Hypothesis is true.
  • k_groups (int or float) – number of groups in the ANOVA or k-sample comparison. Default is 2.

power – Power of the test, e.g. 0.8, is one minus the probability of a type II error. Power is the probability that the test correctly rejects the Null Hypothesis if the Alternative Hypothesis is true.

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