DynamicFactorResults.plot_diagnostics(variable=0, lags=10, fig=None, figsize=None)

Diagnostic plots for standardized residuals of one endogenous variable

  • variable (integer, optional) – Index of the endogenous variable for which the diagnostic plots should be created. Default is 0.
  • lags (integer, optional) – Number of lags to include in the correlogram. Default is 10.
  • fig (Matplotlib Figure instance, optional) – If given, subplots are created in this figure instead of in a new figure. Note that the 2x2 grid will be created in the provided figure using fig.add_subplot().
  • figsize (tuple, optional) – If a figure is created, this argument allows specifying a size. The tuple is (width, height).


Produces a 2x2 plot grid with the following plots (ordered clockwise from top left):

  1. Standardized residuals over time
  2. Histogram plus estimated density of standardized residulas, along with a Normal(0,1) density plotted for reference.
  3. Normal Q-Q plot, with Normal reference line.
  4. Correlogram

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