/Symfony 4.1



AssetExtension Twig extension for the Symfony Asset component.
CodeExtension Twig extension relate to PHP code and used by the profiler and the default exception templates.
DumpExtension Provides integration of the dump() function with Twig.
ExpressionExtension ExpressionExtension gives a way to create Expressions from a template.
FormExtension FormExtension extends Twig with form capabilities.
HttpFoundationExtension Twig extension for the Symfony HttpFoundation component.
HttpKernelExtension Provides integration with the HttpKernel component.
HttpKernelRuntime Provides integration with the HttpKernel component.
LogoutUrlExtension LogoutUrlHelper provides generator functions for the logout URL to Twig.
RoutingExtension Provides integration of the Routing component with Twig.
SecurityExtension SecurityExtension exposes security context features.
StopwatchExtension Twig extension for the stopwatch helper.
TranslationExtension Provides integration of the Translation component with Twig.
WebLinkExtension Twig extension for the Symfony WebLink component.
WorkflowExtension WorkflowExtension.
YamlExtension Provides integration of the Yaml component with Twig.

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