/Symfony 4.1



CustomFilterIterator CustomFilterIterator filters files by applying anonymous functions.
DateRangeFilterIterator DateRangeFilterIterator filters out files that are not in the given date range (last modified dates).
DepthRangeFilterIterator DepthRangeFilterIterator limits the directory depth.
ExcludeDirectoryFilterIterator ExcludeDirectoryFilterIterator filters out directories.
FileTypeFilterIterator FileTypeFilterIterator only keeps files, directories, or both.
FilecontentFilterIterator FilecontentFilterIterator filters files by their contents using patterns (regexps or strings).
FilenameFilterIterator FilenameFilterIterator filters files by patterns (a regexp, a glob, or a string).
MultiplePcreFilterIterator MultiplePcreFilterIterator filters files using patterns (regexps, globs or strings).
PathFilterIterator PathFilterIterator filters files by path patterns (e.g. some/special/dir).
RecursiveDirectoryIterator Extends the \RecursiveDirectoryIterator to support relative paths.
SizeRangeFilterIterator SizeRangeFilterIterator filters out files that are not in the given size range.
SortableIterator SortableIterator applies a sort on a given Iterator.

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