/Symfony 4.1



ChainUserProvider Chain User Provider.
InMemoryUserProvider InMemoryUserProvider is a simple non persistent user provider.
LdapUserProvider LdapUserProvider is a simple user provider on top of ldap.
MissingUserProvider MissingUserProvider is a dummy user provider used to throw proper exception when a firewall requires a user provider but none was defined.
User User is the user implementation used by the in-memory user provider.
UserChecker UserChecker checks the user account flags.


AdvancedUserInterface deprecated Adds extra features to a user class related to account status flags.
EquatableInterface EquatableInterface used to test if two objects are equal in security and re-authentication context.
UserCheckerInterface Implement to throw AccountStatusException during the authentication process.
UserInterface Represents the interface that all user classes must implement.
UserProviderInterface Represents a class that loads UserInterface objects from some source for the authentication system.

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