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AbstractNormalizer Normalizer implementation.
AbstractObjectNormalizer Base class for a normalizer dealing with objects.
ArrayDenormalizer Denormalizes arrays of objects.
ConstraintViolationListNormalizer A normalizer that normalizes a ConstraintViolationListInterface instance.
DataUriNormalizer Normalizes an {see \SplFileInfo} object to a data URI.
DateIntervalNormalizer Normalizes an instance of {see \DateInterval} to an interval string.
DateTimeNormalizer Normalizes an object implementing the {see \DateTimeInterface} to a date string.
DenormalizerAwareTrait DenormalizerAware trait.
GetSetMethodNormalizer Converts between objects with getter and setter methods and arrays.
JsonSerializableNormalizer A normalizer that uses an objects own JsonSerializable implementation.
NormalizerAwareTrait NormalizerAware trait.
ObjectNormalizer Converts between objects and arrays using the PropertyAccess component.
PropertyNormalizer Converts between objects and arrays by mapping properties.


CacheableSupportsMethodInterface Marker interface for normalizers and denormalizers that use only the type and the format in their supports*() methods.
ContextAwareDenormalizerInterface Adds the support of an extra $context parameter for the supportsDenormalization method.
ContextAwareNormalizerInterface Adds the support of an extra $context parameter for the supportsNormalization method.
DenormalizableInterface Defines the most basic interface a class must implement to be denormalizable.
DenormalizerAwareInterface Class accepting a denormalizer.
DenormalizerInterface Defines the interface of denormalizers.
NormalizableInterface Defines the most basic interface a class must implement to be normalizable.
NormalizerAwareInterface Class accepting a normalizer.
NormalizerInterface Defines the interface of normalizers.

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