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class GroupSequence

A sequence of validation groups.

When validating a group sequence, each group will only be validated if all of the previous groups in the sequence succeeded. For example:

$validator->validate($address, null, new GroupSequence(array('Basic', 'Strict')));

In the first step, all constraints that belong to the group "Basic" will be validated. If none of the constraints fail, the validator will then validate the constraints in group "Strict". This is useful, for example, if "Strict" contains expensive checks that require a lot of CPU or slow, external services. You usually don't want to run expensive checks if any of the cheap checks fail.

When adding metadata to a class, you can override the "Default" group of that class with a group sequence:

 * @GroupSequence({"Address", "Strict"})
class Address
    // ...

Whenever you validate that object in the "Default" group, the group sequence will be validated:


If you want to execute the constraints of the "Default" group for a class with an overridden default group, pass the class name as group name instead:

$validator->validate($address, null, "Address")


string[]|array[]|GroupSequence[] $groups The groups in the sequence.
string|GroupSequence $cascadedGroup The group in which cascaded objects are validated when validating this sequence.


__construct(array $groups)

Creates a new group sequence.


__construct(array $groups)

Creates a new group sequence.


array $groups The groups in the sequence

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