/Symfony 4.1


class TraversalStrategy

Specifies whether and how a traversable object should be traversed.

If the node traverser traverses a node whose value is an instance of {@link \Traversable}, and if that node is either a class node or if cascading is enabled, then the node's traversal strategy will be checked. Depending on the requested traversal strategy, the node traverser will iterate over the object and cascade each object or collection returned by the iterator.

The traversal strategy is ignored for arrays. Arrays are always iterated.



Specifies that a node's value should be iterated only if it is an instance of {@link \Traversable}.


Specifies that a node's value should never be iterated.


Specifies that a node's value should always be iterated. If the value is not an instance of {@link \Traversable}, an exception should be thrown.

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