/TensorFlow 1.15

Module: tf.compat.v2.estimator.export

All public utility methods for exporting Estimator to SavedModel.

This file includes functions and constants from core (model_utils) and export.py


class ClassificationOutput: Represents the output of a classification head.

class ExportOutput: Represents an output of a model that can be served.

class PredictOutput: Represents the output of a generic prediction head.

class RegressionOutput: Represents the output of a regression head.

class ServingInputReceiver: A return type for a serving_input_receiver_fn.

class TensorServingInputReceiver: A return type for a serving_input_receiver_fn.


build_parsing_serving_input_receiver_fn(...): Build a serving_input_receiver_fn expecting fed tf.Examples.

build_raw_serving_input_receiver_fn(...): Build a serving_input_receiver_fn expecting feature Tensors.

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