/TensorFlow 1.15


Loads an image into PIL format.


path: Path to image file.
grayscale: DEPRECATED use `color_mode="grayscale"`.
color_mode: The desired image format. One of "grayscale", "rgb", "rgba".
    "grayscale" supports 8-bit images and 32-bit signed integer images.
    Default: "rgb".
target_size: Either `None` (default to original size)
    or tuple of ints `(img_height, img_width)`.
interpolation: Interpolation method used to resample the image if the
    target size is different from that of the loaded image.
    Supported methods are "nearest", "bilinear", and "bicubic".
    If PIL version 1.1.3 or newer is installed, "lanczos" is also
    supported. If PIL version 3.4.0 or newer is installed, "box" and
    "hamming" are also supported.
    Default: "nearest".


A PIL Image instance.


ImportError: if PIL is not available.
ValueError: if interpolation method is not supported.

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