/TensorFlow 2.3


Convert a dict of values into process call parameters.

This method is used to convert a dictionary into a sequence of parameters for a binary that parses arguments using this module.

flag_map dict, a mapping where the keys are flag names (strings). values are treated according to their type:
  • If value is None, then only the name is emitted.
  • If value is True, then only the name is emitted.
  • If value is False, then only the name prepended with 'no' is emitted.
  • If value is a string then --name=value is emitted.
  • If value is a collection, this will emit --name=value1,value2,value3, unless the flag name is in multi_flags, in which case this will emit --name=value1 --name=value2 --name=value3.
  • Everything else is converted to string an passed as such.
multi_flags set, names (strings) of flags that should be treated as multi-flags.


sequence of string suitable for a subprocess execution.

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