/TensorFlow 2.4


Compatibility utility required to allow for both V1 and V2 behavior in TF.

Until the release of TF 2.0, we need the legacy behavior of TensorShape to coexist with the new behavior. This utility is a bridge between the two.

When accessing the value of a TensorShape dimension, use this utility, like this:

# If you had this in your V1 code:
value = tensor_shape[i].value

# Use `dimension_value` as direct replacement compatible with both V1 & V2:
value = dimension_value(tensor_shape[i])

# This would be the V2 equivalent:
value = tensor_shape[i]  # Warning: this will return the dim value in V2!
dimension Either a Dimension instance, an integer, or None.
A plain value, i.e. an integer or None.

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