/TensorFlow 2.4


Return a list of logical devices created by runtime.

Logical devices may correspond to physical devices or remote devices in the cluster. Operations and tensors may be placed on these devices by using the name of the tf.config.LogicalDevice.

Calling tf.config.list_logical_devices triggers the runtime to configure any tf.config.PhysicalDevice visible to the runtime, thereby preventing further configuration. To avoid runtime initialization, call tf.config.list_physical_devices instead.

For example:

logical_devices = tf.config.list_logical_devices('GPU')
if len(logical_devices) > 0:
  # Allocate on GPU:0
  with tf.device(logical_devices[0].name):
    one = tf.constant(1)
  # Allocate on GPU:1
  with tf.device(logical_devices[1].name):
    two = tf.constant(2)
device_type (optional string) Only include devices matching this device type. For example "CPU" or "GPU".
List of initialized LogicalDevices

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