/TensorFlow 2.4

Module: tf.dtypes

Public API for tf.dtypes namespace.


class DType: Represents the type of the elements in a Tensor.


as_dtype(...): Converts the given type_value to a DType.

cast(...): Casts a tensor to a new type.

complex(...): Converts two real numbers to a complex number.

saturate_cast(...): Performs a safe saturating cast of value to dtype.

Other Members
bfloat16 tf.dtypes.DType
bool tf.dtypes.DType
complex128 tf.dtypes.DType
complex64 tf.dtypes.DType
double tf.dtypes.DType
float16 tf.dtypes.DType
float32 tf.dtypes.DType
float64 tf.dtypes.DType
half tf.dtypes.DType
int16 tf.dtypes.DType
int32 tf.dtypes.DType
int64 tf.dtypes.DType
int8 tf.dtypes.DType
qint16 tf.dtypes.DType
qint32 tf.dtypes.DType
qint8 tf.dtypes.DType
quint16 tf.dtypes.DType
quint8 tf.dtypes.DType
resource tf.dtypes.DType
string tf.dtypes.DType
uint16 tf.dtypes.DType
uint32 tf.dtypes.DType
uint64 tf.dtypes.DType
uint8 tf.dtypes.DType
variant tf.dtypes.DType

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