/TensorFlow 2.4


Generates feature cross from a list of tensors.

The input tensors must have rank=2, and must all have the same number of rows. The result is a RaggedTensor with the same number of rows as the inputs, where result[row] contains a list of all combinations of values formed by taking a single value from each input's corresponding row (inputs[i][row]). Values are combined by joining their strings with 'X'. E.g.:

tf.ragged.cross([tf.ragged.constant([['a'], ['b', 'c']]),
                 tf.ragged.constant([['d'], ['e']]),
                 tf.ragged.constant([['f'], ['g']])])
<tf.RaggedTensor [[b'a_X_d_X_f'], [b'b_X_e_X_g', b'c_X_e_X_g']]>
inputs A list of RaggedTensor or Tensor or SparseTensor.
name Optional name for the op.
A 2D RaggedTensor of type string.

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