/TensorFlow 2.4


Debug NaN Value Counter Op.

Counts number of NaNs in the input tensor, for debugging.

input A Tensor. Input tensor, non-Reference type.
device_name An optional string. Defaults to "".
tensor_name An optional string. Defaults to "". Name of the input tensor.
debug_urls An optional list of strings. Defaults to []. List of URLs to debug targets, e.g., file:///foo/tfdbg_dump, grpc:://localhost:11011.
gated_grpc An optional bool. Defaults to False. Whether this op will be gated. If any of the debug_urls of this debug node is of the grpc:// scheme, when the value of this attribute is set to True, the data will not actually be sent via the grpc stream unless this debug op has been enabled at the debug_url. If all of the debug_urls of this debug node are of the grpc:// scheme and the debug op is enabled at none of them, the output will be an empty Tensor.
name A name for the operation (optional).
A Tensor of type int64.

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