/TensorFlow 2.4


An op that receives embedding activations on the TPU.

The TPU system performs the embedding lookups and aggregations specified by the arguments to TPUEmbeddingEnqueue(Integer/Sparse/SparseTensor)Batch. The results of these aggregations are visible to the Tensorflow Graph as the outputs of a RecvTPUEmbeddingActivations op. This op returns a list containing one Tensor of activations per table specified in the model. There can be at most one RecvTPUEmbeddingActivations op in the TPU graph.

num_outputs An int that is >= 1. The number of output activation tensors, equal to the number of embedding tables in the model.
config A string. Serialized TPUEmbeddingConfiguration proto.
name A name for the operation (optional).
A list of num_outputs Tensor objects with type float32.

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