/TensorFlow 2.4


An array of Tensors of given size.

Write data via Write and read via Read or Pack.

size A Tensor of type int32. The size of the array.
dtype A tf.DType. The type of the elements on the tensor_array.
element_shape An optional tf.TensorShape or list of ints. Defaults to None. The expected shape of an element, if known. Used to validate the shapes of TensorArray elements. If this shape is not fully specified, gathering zero-size TensorArrays is an error.
dynamic_size An optional bool. Defaults to False. A boolean that determines whether writes to the TensorArray are allowed to grow the size. By default, this is not allowed.
clear_after_read An optional bool. Defaults to True. If true (default), Tensors in the TensorArray are cleared after being read. This disables multiple read semantics but allows early release of memory.
identical_element_shapes An optional bool. Defaults to False. If true (default is false), then all elements in the TensorArray will be expected to have have identical shapes. This allows certain behaviors, like dynamically checking for consistent shapes on write, and being able to fill in properly shaped zero tensors on stack -- even if the element_shape attribute is not fully defined.
tensor_array_name An optional string. Defaults to "". Overrides the name used for the temporary tensor_array resource. Default value is the name of the 'TensorArray' op (which is guaranteed unique).
name A name for the operation (optional).
A tuple of Tensor objects (handle, flow).
handle A Tensor of type resource.
flow A Tensor of type float32.

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