/TensorFlow 2.4


Reverses the operation of Batch for a single output Tensor.

An instance of Unbatch either receives an empty batched_tensor, in which case it asynchronously waits until the values become available from a concurrently running instance of Unbatch with the same container and shared_name, or receives a non-empty batched_tensor in which case it finalizes all other concurrently running instances and outputs its own element from the batch.

batched_tensor: The possibly transformed output of Batch. The size of the first dimension should remain unchanged by the transformations for the operation to work. batch_index: The matching batch_index obtained from Batch. id: The id scalar emitted by Batch. unbatched_tensor: The Tensor corresponding to this execution. timeout_micros: Maximum amount of time (in microseconds) to wait to receive the batched input tensor associated with a given invocation of the op. container: Container to control resource sharing. shared_name: Instances of Unbatch with the same container and shared_name are assumed to possibly belong to the same batch. If left empty, the op name will be used as the shared name.

batched_tensor A Tensor.
batch_index A Tensor of type int64.
id A Tensor of type int64.
timeout_micros An int.
container An optional string. Defaults to "".
shared_name An optional string. Defaults to "".
name A name for the operation (optional).
A Tensor. Has the same type as batched_tensor.

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