/TensorFlow 2.4

Module: tf.sparse

Sparse Tensor Representation.

See also tf.sparse.SparseTensor.


class SparseTensor: Represents a sparse tensor.


add(...): Adds two tensors, at least one of each is a SparseTensor.

bincount(...): Count the number of times an integer value appears in a tensor.

concat(...): Concatenates a list of SparseTensor along the specified dimension. (deprecated arguments)

cross(...): Generates sparse cross from a list of sparse and dense tensors.

cross_hashed(...): Generates hashed sparse cross from a list of sparse and dense tensors.

expand_dims(...): Returns a tensor with an length 1 axis inserted at index axis.

eye(...): Creates a two-dimensional sparse tensor with ones along the diagonal.

fill_empty_rows(...): Fills empty rows in the input 2-D SparseTensor with a default value.

from_dense(...): Converts a dense tensor into a sparse tensor.

map_values(...): Applies op to the .values tensor of one or more SparseTensors.

mask(...): Masks elements of IndexedSlices.

maximum(...): Returns the element-wise max of two SparseTensors.

minimum(...): Returns the element-wise min of two SparseTensors.

reduce_max(...): Computes the max of elements across dimensions of a SparseTensor.

reduce_sum(...): Computes the sum of elements across dimensions of a SparseTensor.

reorder(...): Reorders a SparseTensor into the canonical, row-major ordering.

reset_shape(...): Resets the shape of a SparseTensor with indices and values unchanged.

reshape(...): Reshapes a SparseTensor to represent values in a new dense shape.

retain(...): Retains specified non-empty values within a SparseTensor.

segment_mean(...): Computes the mean along sparse segments of a tensor.

segment_sqrt_n(...): Computes the sum along sparse segments of a tensor divided by the sqrt(N).

segment_sum(...): Computes the sum along sparse segments of a tensor.

slice(...): Slice a SparseTensor based on the start and `size.

softmax(...): Applies softmax to a batched N-D SparseTensor.

sparse_dense_matmul(...): Multiply SparseTensor (or dense Matrix) (of rank 2) "A" by dense matrix

split(...): Split a SparseTensor into num_split tensors along axis.

to_dense(...): Converts a SparseTensor into a dense tensor.

to_indicator(...): Converts a SparseTensor of ids into a dense bool indicator tensor.

transpose(...): Transposes a SparseTensor

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