/TensorFlow 2.4


Converts a SparseTensor into a dense tensor.

This op is a convenience wrapper around sparse_to_dense for SparseTensors.

For example, if sp_input has shape [3, 5] and non-empty string values:

[0, 1]: a
[0, 3]: b
[2, 0]: c

and default_value is x, then the output will be a dense [3, 5] string tensor with values:

[[x a x b x]
 [x x x x x]
 [c x x x x]]

Indices must be without repeats. This is only tested if validate_indices is True.

sp_input The input SparseTensor.
default_value Scalar value to set for indices not specified in sp_input. Defaults to zero.
validate_indices A boolean value. If True, indices are checked to make sure they are sorted in lexicographic order and that there are no repeats.
name A name prefix for the returned tensors (optional).
A dense tensor with shape sp_input.dense_shape and values specified by the non-empty values in sp_input. Indices not in sp_input are assigned default_value.
TypeError If sp_input is not a SparseTensor.

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