/TensorFlow 2.4


Write a histogram summary.

name A name for this summary. The summary tag used for TensorBoard will be this name prefixed by any active name scopes.
data A Tensor of any shape. Must be castable to float64.
step Explicit int64-castable monotonic step value for this summary. If omitted, this defaults to tf.summary.experimental.get_step(), which must not be None.
buckets Optional positive int. The output will have this many buckets, except in two edge cases. If there is no data, then there are no buckets. If there is data but all points have the same value, then there is one bucket whose left and right endpoints are the same.
description Optional long-form description for this summary, as a constant str. Markdown is supported. Defaults to empty.
True on success, or false if no summary was emitted because no default summary writer was available.
ValueError if a default writer exists, but no step was provided and tf.summary.experimental.get_step() is None.

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