Provides an API Gateway Method Settings, e.g. logging or monitoring.

Example Usage

resource "aws_api_gateway_method_settings" "s" {
  rest_api_id = "${aws_api_gateway_rest_api.test.id}"
  stage_name  = "${aws_api_gateway_stage.test.stage_name}"
  method_path = "${aws_api_gateway_resource.test.path_part}/${aws_api_gateway_method.test.http_method}"

  settings {
    metrics_enabled = true
    logging_level   = "INFO"

resource "aws_api_gateway_rest_api" "test" {
  name = "MyDemoAPI"
  description = "This is my API for demonstration purposes"

resource "aws_api_gateway_deployment" "test" {
  depends_on = ["aws_api_gateway_integration.test"]
  rest_api_id = "${aws_api_gateway_rest_api.test.id}"
  stage_name = "dev"

resource "aws_api_gateway_stage" "test" {
  stage_name = "prod"
  rest_api_id = "${aws_api_gateway_rest_api.test.id}"
  deployment_id = "${aws_api_gateway_deployment.test.id}"

resource "aws_api_gateway_resource" "test" {
  rest_api_id = "${aws_api_gateway_rest_api.test.id}"
  parent_id   = "${aws_api_gateway_rest_api.test.root_resource_id}"
  path_part   = "mytestresource"

resource "aws_api_gateway_method" "test" {
  rest_api_id   = "${aws_api_gateway_rest_api.test.id}"
  resource_id   = "${aws_api_gateway_resource.test.id}"
  http_method   = "GET"
  authorization = "NONE"

resource "aws_api_gateway_integration" "test" {
  rest_api_id = "${aws_api_gateway_rest_api.test.id}"
  resource_id = "${aws_api_gateway_resource.test.id}"
  http_method = "${aws_api_gateway_method.test.http_method}"
  type        = "MOCK"

  request_templates {
    "application/xml" = <<EOF
   "body" : $input.json('$')

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • rest_api_id - (Required) The ID of the REST API
  • stage_name - (Required) The name of the stage
  • method_path - (Required) Method path defined as {resource_path}/{http_method} for an individual method override, or */* for overriding all methods in the stage.
  • settings - (Required) The settings block, see below.


  • metrics_enabled - (Optional) Specifies whether Amazon CloudWatch metrics are enabled for this method.
  • logging_level - (Optional) Specifies the logging level for this method, which effects the log entries pushed to Amazon CloudWatch Logs. The available levels are OFF, ERROR, and INFO.
  • data_trace_enabled - (Optional) Specifies whether data trace logging is enabled for this method, which effects the log entries pushed to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
  • throttling_burst_limit - (Optional) Specifies the throttling burst limit.
  • throttling_rate_limit - (Optional) Specifies the throttling rate limit.
  • caching_enabled - (Optional) Specifies whether responses should be cached and returned for requests. A cache cluster must be enabled on the stage for responses to be cached.
  • cache_ttl_in_seconds - (Optional) Specifies the time to live (TTL), in seconds, for cached responses. The higher the TTL, the longer the response will be cached.
  • cache_data_encrypted - (Optional) Specifies whether the cached responses are encrypted.
  • require_authorization_for_cache_control - (Optional) Specifies whether authorization is required for a cache invalidation request.
  • unauthorized_cache_control_header_strategy - (Optional) Specifies how to handle unauthorized requests for cache invalidation. The available values are FAIL_WITH_403, SUCCEED_WITH_RESPONSE_HEADER, SUCCEED_WITHOUT_RESPONSE_HEADER.

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