Provides a Bitbucket hook resource.

This allows you to manage your webhooks on a repository.

Example Usage

# Manage your repositories hooks
resource "bitbucket_hook" "deploy_on_push" {
  owner       = "myteam"
  repository  = "terraform-code"
  url         = "https://mywebhookservice.mycompany.com/deploy-on-push"
  description = "Deploy the code via my webhook"

  events = [

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • owner - (Required) The owner of this repository. Can be you or any team you have write access to.
  • repository - (Required) The name of the repository.
  • url - (Required) Where to POST to.
  • description - (Required) The name / description to show in the UI.
  • events - (Required) The event you want to react on.

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