Manages a CLC server group. Either provisions or resolves to an existing group.

See also Complete API documentation.

Example Usage

# Provision/Resolve a server group
resource "clc_group" "frontends" {
  location_id = "WA1"
  name        = "frontends"
  parent      = "Default Group"

output "group_id" {
  value = "clc_group.frontends.id"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required, string) The name (or GUID) of this server group. Will resolve to existing if present.
  • parent - (Required, string) The name or ID of the parent group. Will error if absent or unable to resolve.
  • location_id - (Required, string) The datacenter location of both parent group and this group. Examples: "WA1", "VA1"
  • description - (Optional, string) Description for server group (visible in control portal only)
  • custom_fields - (Optional) See CustomFields below for details.


custom_fields is a block within the configuration that may be repeated to bind custom fields for a server. CustomFields need be set up in advance. Each custom_fields block supports the following:

  • id - (Required, string) The ID of the custom field to set.
  • value - (Required, string) The value for the specified field.

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