cloudscale.ch Provider

The cloudscale.ch provider is used to interact with the resources supported by cloudscale.ch. The provider needs to be configured with proper credentials before it can be used.

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Example Usage

# Set the variable value in a *.tfvars file or use 
# the -var="cloudscale_token=..." CLI option.
# You can omit both the variable and provider if you
# choose to set a shell environment variable called

variable "cloudscale_token" {}

provider "cloudscale" {
  token = "${var.cloudscale_token}"

# Create a new Server
resource "cloudscale_server" "web-worker01" {
  # ...

# Add a Floating IP
resource "cloudscale_floating_ip" "web-worker01-vip" {
  server = "${cloudscale_server.web-worker01.id}"
  # ...

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • token - (Required) Your cloudscale.ch API token. It can also be specified as a shell environment variable called CLOUDSCALE_TOKEN. Please create a cloudscale.ch API token with read/write access in our Cloud Control Panel.

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