This resource manages relationships between teams and repositories in your Github organization.

Creating this resource grants a particular team permissions on a particular repository.

The repository and the team must both belong to the same organization on Github. This resource does not actually create any repositories; to do that, see github_repository.

Example Usage

# Add a repository to the team
resource "github_team" "some_team" {
  name        = "SomeTeam"
  description = "Some cool team"

resource "github_repository" "some_repo" {
  name = "some-repo"

resource "github_team_repository" "some_team_repo" {
  team_id    = "${github_team.some_team.id}"
  repository = "${github_repository.some_repo.name}"
  permission = "pull"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • team_id - (Required) The GitHub team id
  • repository - (Required) The repository to add to the team.
  • permission - (Optional) The permissions of team members regarding the repository. Must be one of pull, push, or admin. Defaults to pull.


Github Team Membership can be imported using an id made up of teamid:repository, e.g.

$ terraform import github_team_repository.terraform_repo 1234567:terraform

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