This resource allows you to create and manage hooks for your GitLab projects. For further information on hooks, consult the gitlab documentation.

Example Usage

resource "gitlab_project_hook" "example" {
  project               = "example/hooked"
  url                   = "https://example.com/hook/example"
  merge_requests_events = true

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • project - (Required) The name or id of the project to add the hook to.

  • url - (Required) The url of the hook to invoke.

  • token - (Optional) A token to present when invoking the hook.

  • enable_ssl_verification - (Optional) Enable ssl verification when invoking the hook.

  • push_events - (Optional) Invoke the hook for push events.

  • issues_events - (Optional) Invoke the hook for issues events.

  • merge_requests_events - (Optional) Invoke the hook for merge requests.

  • tag_push_events - (Optional) Invoke the hook for tag push events.

  • note_events - (Optional) Invoke the hook for notes events.

  • job_events - (Optional) Invoke the hook for job events.

  • pipeline_events - (Optional) Invoke the hook for pipeline events.

  • wiki_page_events - (Optional) Invoke the hook for wiki page events.

Attributes Reference

The resource exports the following attributes:

  • id - The unique id assigned to the hook by the GitLab server.

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