Google Cloud Provider

The Google Cloud provider is used to interact with Google Cloud services. The provider needs to be configured with the proper credentials before it can be used.

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Example Usage

// Configure the Google Cloud provider
provider "google" {
  credentials = "${file("account.json")}"
  project     = "my-gce-project-id"
  region      = "us-central1"

// Create a new instance
resource "google_compute_instance" "default" {
  # ...

Configuration Reference

The following keys can be used to configure the provider.

  • credentials - (Optional) Contents of a file that contains your service account private key in JSON format. You can download your existing Google Cloud service account file from the Google Cloud Console, or you can create a new one from the same page.

Credentials can also be specified using any of the following environment variables (listed in order of precedence):


The GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable can also contain the path of a file to obtain credentials from.

If no credentials are specified, the provider will fall back to using the Google Application Default Credentials. If you are running Terraform from a GCE instance, see Creating and Enabling Service Accounts for Instances for details.

On your computer, if you have made your identity available as the Application Default Credentials by running gcloud auth application-default login, the provider will use your identity.

Beta Features

Some Google Provider resources contain Beta features; Beta GCP Features have no deprecation policy, and no SLA, but are otherwise considered to be feature-complete with only minor outstanding issues after their Alpha period. Beta is when a GCP feature is publicly announced, and is when they generally become publicly available. For more information see the official documentation.

Terraform resources that support beta features will always use the Beta APIs to provision the resource. Importing a resource that supports beta features will always import those features, even if the resource was created in a matter that was not explicitly beta.

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