Enables the Google Compute Engine Shared VPC feature for a project, assigning it as a Shared VPC host project.

For more information, see, the Project API documentation, where the Shared VPC feature is referred to by its former name "XPN".

Example Usage

# A host project provides network resources to associated service projects.
resource "google_compute_shared_vpc_host_project" "host" {
  project = "host-project-id"

# A service project gains access to network resources provided by its
# associated host project.
resource "google_compute_shared_vpc_service_project" "service1" {
  host_project    = "${google_compute_shared_vpc_host_project.host.project}"
  service_project = "service-project-id-1"
resource "google_compute_shared_vpc_service_project" "service2" {
  host_project    = "${google_compute_shared_vpc_host_project.host.project}"
  service_project = "service-project-id-2"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are expected:

  • project - (Required) The ID of the project that will serve as a Shared VPC host project


Google Compute Engine Shared VPC host project feature can be imported using the project, e.g.

$ terraform import google_compute_shared_vpc_host_project.host host-project-id