The dashboard resource allows a dashboard to be created on a Grafana server.

Example Usage

resource "grafana_dashboard" "metrics" {
  config_json = "${file("grafana-dashboard.json")}"

Dashboards can be exported from Grafana's web UI in JSON format and provided via the config_json argument.

The exported JSON will include references to Grafana data sources, but the data source configuration is not exported in this way. In order to fully manage a dashboard with Terraform, necessary data sources can be created using the grafana_data_source resource. In order to ensure that a data source is created before a dashboard that refers to it, use the depends_on meta-parameter:

    depends_on = ["grafana_data_source.metrics"]

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • config_json - (Required) The JSON configuration for the dashboard.

Attributes Reference

The resource exports the following attributes:

  • slug - A URL "slug" for this dashboard, generated by Grafana by removing certain characters from the dashboard name given as part of the config_json argument. This can be used to generate the URL for a dashboard.

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